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Stellar Dawn Central 2011 Art Contest

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Posted 24 October 2011 - 01:31 AM

The Stellar Planet is a mechanized nature preserve the size roughly of our earth. Mechas have been organically designed to blend into the naturescape. Due to tight regulations no non-organic mechanoids are allowed on The Stellar Planet. There is no oxygen native to this planet, but the plants have adapted. The only oxygen is located in small citapods - dome-covered cities capable of housing a human population of 20,000 - plus up to 5,000 off-world visitors, and several thousand animals. There are only 7 citapods on The Stellar Planet. The unusual chemicals found on the planet have caused most humans to go sterile. Human birthing is a tightly controlled industry on The Stellar Planet, with most births taking place via in-vitro. As The Stellar Planet is a beautiful nature preserve unmatched in natural splendor and in recreational opportunities, most of the planet's population is composed of immigrants from wealthy backgrounds, or military personnel.

The Dusk Force is a planetary police in charge of keeping human population within sustainable amounts. Undesirables are taken off-planet to be disposed of.

The Stellar Planet's super-citapod city, Central City, is capable of holding eight times the amount of population. It houses the huge 3,015-member Galaxy Parliament in it's huge Romanesque building composed of organic materials. Citizens of Central City must be self-sustained and grow enough food for themselves and for their family. Each tightly-regulated living space is allocated a 1/8th acre, 5-tier growing platform for fruits and vegetables, and a 30'x30' growing pen for poultry or poultry-like avian species. Wealthier citizens can spend a fortune for a dwelling double or triple this size. Organic mecha named "Growing Companions" take care of food production.

The Central City Galactic Market is a huge sterile mall of imported goods. The huge Galactic Market, nicknamed SDC PLAZA, is a building with 6 underground floors and 3 above ground floors. The main floor is for selling everyday goods like food, water and oxygen. Floor One and Two is purely for clothing and equipment. Floor Three is services for the wealthy such as investing firms, doctors and dentists, travel companies, and pharmacies.

Stellar Dawn Central's 2011 Art Contest

The art contest is open now until November 25th. Support the community and win great prizes such as a Cretacolor Gift Set, Golden Professional Acrylics, gift cards, art supplies, and more! The Grand Prize winner prize pack is valued at over $150 and is a great way to further your art skills, and develop new talents. It even comes with a book on how to navigate the professional world of graphic design.

Mark these dates on your calendar - November 25th is when your WIP is due. Your final entry must be completed by December 1st.

Not an artist? Tell your friends about the contest. Anyone 13 and older may enter.

Visit this topic for details. | Visit the Forum

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 11:26 PM

Thats right Specialis, we all appreciate you
You are special, everybody is
just look insideeeeeeeeeeeeeee of yourselffffffffffffffffff

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