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Stellar Dawn Central Rules

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Posted 30 January 2009 - 05:35 AM

Community Rules

Welcome to the Stellar Dawn Central forums. There are various rules in place to promote the interests of our userbase in having a forum which they want to be involved in. Feel free to ask any of our moderators or administrators if you have questions about these rules. Please check back on these rules regularly as they are subject to change without warning.

1. Account Features
2. Signatures and Avatars
3. Advertising
4. Age Requirement
5. Appropriate Content
6. Attribution
7. Complaint Policy
8. Fair Gameplay
9. Illegal Content
10. Multiple Accounts
11. Impersonation and Misrepresentation
12. Spoilers

1. Account Features:
Users may be given additional features to use as their account accumulates posts. Account features are a privilege and must not be abused.

2. Signatures and Avatars:
2.1 Signatures:
All amounts of text, spacing, and images are allowed as long as it is not larger than 500 by 250 pixels or greater then 500kB in file size. All content in the signature must be G-rated, not distracting, and follow existing forum rules. You may not use any part of another’s signature without the permission of the signature owner.

Users who have trouble making their file size small enough for the requirements may need to compress the image or compromise quality. Animated signatures may easily exceed the file size and be distracting to members, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

The following may be used as a quick reference for some of the guidelines:

Posted Image

2.2 Avatars:
Avatars must be no greater than 300kB in size and will be automatically resized to 100 by 100 pixels if needed. Avatars follow the same rules as signatures in terms of being distracting, G-Rated, and following forum rules.

3. Advertising:
Stellar Dawn Central should not normally be used as a conduit for the promotion of third-party websites, products or services and should never be used as part of a referral scheme. Citing or discussing a Jagex-recognized fansite is usually okay so long as it does not seem to have been done for the purposes of advertising, and it is acceptable to have a link in your signature or profile to a gold or platinum Jagex-recognized fansite which feature a prominent link to Stellar Dawn Central. Equally, linking to gaming websites etc, for the purpose of discussion on something to the community's interest is fine. Content which appears to be an unacceptable form of advertising may be removed or modified.

4. Age Requirement:
This forum is strictly for ages 13 and older. There is no appeal for this rule under any circumstance. COPPA waivers will not be accepted. Disregarding this rule will result in a ban upon discovery until the user has reached the age of 13. Stellar Dawn Central is not responsible for material that may be inappropriate for individuals under the age of 13.

5. Appropriate Content:
All content from any member must be appropriate for persons 13 years or older or suitable for a general audience if marked at the beginning of the thread or stated in the rules specifically. Content containing any number of the elements described below may be seen as inappropriate content. This list may not include all forms of inappropriate content. Ask a moderator if you are unsure about anything being appropriate or inappropriate. Final discretion about what is and isn't appropriate lies with the moderating team.

5.1 Flaming & Flame Baiting:
Posts which appear to be created primarily to invoke anger or personally attack fellow members are considered to be flaming or flame-baiting. Most instances of flaming occur in heated arguments usually over a sensitive topic. Debates are encouraged among the community but not in a hostile manner. Stick to the subject matter.

5.2 Sequential Posts:
Sequential posting is the posting of multiple posts in a row by the same author on the same thread (e.g. "double posting"). If more than 24 hours has passed between posts then it is usually fine, but otherwise it usually isn't. If you forgot something in a post then it is often better to simply modify your existing post rather than to make a new one. For clarification on whether something would be acceptable please consult a moderator.

Note: If you accidentally post the same message twice then don't worry, just use the 'report' function to alert a moderator who can then remove the duplicate.

5.3 Off-topic & Hijacking:
Unrelated content to the discussion is off-topic. A user that appears to be trying to get a thread to go off topic or take control from the owner is hijacking. A natural progression by multiple members from one topic to another is normal for a topic. One example may be when a series of posts gives an idea for another topic but it is too closely related with the current topic to create a new topic.

Posts may be deleted to help topics get back on track otherwise a topic that appears to have run its course may be closed.

5.4 Spam:
Unconstructive posts that do not progress the discussion may be considered spam. Members may have a post that contains any number of characteristics of spam but will not be considered spam unless it is out of context. Begging for items is also considered spam.

The following is an incomplete list of things which will generally be considered spam if used in excess:

  • Posts containing a single word
  • Posts containing sentence fragments
  • Posts containing a single image
  • Excessive smiles or emoticons
  • Random strings of symbols
  • Anything completely irrelevant to the topic
  • Extremely bad grammar or very poor readability
  • Use of chat or leet speak out of context
  • Referencing any type of meme out of context
  • A series of posts that can be easily one post on their own
  • Posts written only in capital letters
  • Bringing old threads back to life for no good reason
5.5 Grammar:
Readability is very important for all posts and forms of communication. Every post should be reasonably easy to read and not contain an unreasonable amount of grammatical or spelling errors. Users who have a hard time with grammar or spelling are just asked to do the best they can so that they improve. Many modern browsers today contain an automatic spell check to help with spelling.

5.6 Images:
Large images exceeding 800 pixels horizontally or 900 pixels vertically should be linked to instead of displayed using the image tag. This will help avoid bad viewing experiences for users will a low resolution.

5.7 Sexual Content:
Sexual content exceeding what is appropriate for the age of 13 is not allowed. General audience labeled threads will not allow for any sexual content. Pornography is not allowed anywhere on the forum.

5.8 Vulgar Language:
It is normally okay to use curse words so long as it is not to attack a specific person or group. However, members should keep avatars, signatures and topics marked as for a 'general' audience clean and free of vulgar language.

5.9 Foreign Languages:
English is currently the only supported language on Stellar Dawn Central. Content that contains languages other than English may be removed without notice as it is unfair to expect moderators to be able to ensure that foreign language content follows the rules.

6. Attribution:
All creative works which you claim or imply are your own, or by omission give the impression are your own, must be your own. Derivatives of another creator’s original works must be given credit. An attempt to claim something is your own work while it is a work of another is plagiarism.

Users are encouraged to post articles or quote text from other websites as long as they give proper credit by providing a link back to the original location of the material. Quoted text must use the quote tags or stand out in some way from the rest of the post. Posting lots of articles and giving credit as a means to promote a specific website is not allowed.

7. Complaint Policy:
A member who finds any material on the forums against the rules can use the report function to notify moderators and administrators. The member may also privately message a moderator or administrator but using the report function is preferred since all moderators and administrators can view these reports.

Any member who has a problem with an action by a moderator or administrator and believes it should be reviewed should immediately contact a moderator or administrator. A list of administrators and moderators can be found here or on the board index by clicking "the moderating team".

Constructive input on rule changes or features may be shared in Community Affairs. Questions about features may be asked in Community Helpline. We do not encourage members to make posts or threads simply to point out that they believe another user has broken a rule.

8. Fair Gameplay:
Jagex and other game developers work very hard to promote fair gaming environments. Activities promoting unfair gameplay or appearing to prevent fair gameplay are not allowed.

9. Illegal Content:
Content which is illegal in the United States is not allowed. A user who posts illegal content is fully responsible for that illegal content as long as it remains on the website. Stellar Dawn Central staff will do their best to remove any illegal content as soon as they discover it.

10. Multiple Accounts:
Only one account is allowed per person regardless of the status of the first account. If you share an internet connection and have multiple individuals using the same computer, contact a moderator or an administrator to avoid any confusion.

Staff are allowed optional secondary account for public use after asking an administrator beforehand. Secondary accounts are merged when the member is no longer staff.

11. Impersonation and Misrepresentation:
People should be able to trust what they read on this website as we work hard to be a reliable source of information. As such, we request that users refrain from activities such as impersonating or misrepresenting Jagex employees. If you are posting something such as a fake Jagex quote for satirical purposes then it may be appropriate to clearly label it as being a joke to avoid misunderstandings.

Similarly, topic titles and descriptions should fairly represent the topic and should not be misleading. For example, it would be misleading to have a thread title which could be interpreted as announcing the release of Stellar Dawn when the game isn't out yet - this is the case regardless of the forum which you posted on as threads from different forums are often listed together, e.g. in the 'Recent Topics Added' list.

12. Spoilers:
If your post / content relates to the plot point of a creative work and there is a realistic prospect that what you say could harm someone's enjoyment of that work then please use a properly-labelled 'spoiler' tag. If it is a thread about a specific work then spoilers may be expected, in which case it would probably not be necessary. However, it would be advisable to put a spoiler warning on the first post of such a thread if spoilers are anticipated.

The rules are subject to change without notice. Please check back on a regular basis. Feel free to ask a moderator if you need clarification for any of the rules.


Stellar Dawn Central Staff

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